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Himalayan Salt Lamps have been found to promote deep and restful sleep, clarity of mind and give a boost to the immune system . 

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Luminosity Wellness Center is dedicated to serving the community in a variety of ways to promote the self healing concept of  Holistic heath care for everyone. 

Our practitioners and community of wellness offers a variety of modalities to support well being and to further that development and effort, the Luminosity Health & Wellness Boutique provides a variety of products to compliment the well being of every body, mind and soul. 

The Health & Wellness Boutique is located within the offices of Luminosity Wellness Center positioned supportively in between the corridors of our wellness practitioners at the rear of our location. 

Health & Wellness Boutique Hours 
Monday - Saturday   Noon - 5pm​​

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Herbal Teas have a wealth to offer our vitality and wellness. We have our very own "Tea-Oologist who offers Vitali-tea sessions for tea education, enrichment & enjoyment! 

The Health & Wellness Boutique