at Luminosity Wellness Center

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2 Day Leader Training Course Fee$295
5 Day Leader Training Course Fee $795 
​Accommodations and Meals are not included

In this training with Lynda however, you will also understand the broader aspect of what this weekend can mean to you as a way to discover meaningful life purpose in the simple yet powerful ways that you can use it to shift life situations for yourself and for others. This indeed is NOT your Momma's yoga and is an answer to what society questions everyday. 

We cover the origins and purpose, practical application in experiential laughter exercise,  evidence based activities, meditations, breathing, science and benefits as well as facilitation skills and skills for diverse group application. Wear your expando pants as you will not go home in the same pants you came in. Their is much in evolution as there is in excitement! 

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        with Joy inMind

This is the happiest class on the planet! 

Discover a new way to focus in life. Joy is the vibration in life that moves us to make the most out of life and understands a higher purpose and perspective. In the two days of this training you will learn the essential tools of Laughter Yoga to begin your journey to a happier and healthier outlook. Come for a personal or professional perspective and leave happier and healthier from the experience. Then learn why its vital world wide!


Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Luminosity Wellness Center

Facilitated by Master Trainer, Lynda Tourloukis
Lynda has shared laughter world-wide is among the few who offer both the two day leaders and five day teacher's experience. She offers a comprehensive look at laughter and insightful ways to incorporate it as a Master of Play and Game development for Human Potential. 

Laughter Yoga Certification Trainings​​ 

Facilitated by Certified Master Trainer Lynda Tourloukis

Nov 4-8       5 Day Teacher Training -
Prerequisite 2 Day Leader Certification
Nov 11-12     2 Day Leader Training - 
(9am-5pm both days)