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Mirta Castro

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Mirta Castro

Mirta Castro, Master Reiki Practitioner from Argentina.  Mirta has dedicated herself to the practice of Reiki for the past ten-years.  Karuna Reiki is her specialty and is based on compassionate love and Mirta has used this with excellent results to help many people.

Karuna Reiki is a system of natural healing and inner growth, the Sanskrit translation (Buddhism and Hinduism) means “compassionate action.”  Students and teachers agree that what sets Karuna apart, is that it is much more powerful than other forms of Reiki covering all energy bodies at once.   Working with all the auric fields at the same time is therefore more powerful and defined.  For those who receive Karuna attunement it is not uncommon to have very strong experience with their spiritual guides, angels and Masters of Light.


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