Maryam Martinez
Financial and Digital Services
Maryam is a Visionary and she’s passionate with helping small-medium sized businesses, and consumers. She provided quick steps to put you or your business on the fast track with your financial wealth. Which allows you to live life with more predictability growth, protect, and sustain what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.  

Providing our community with innovation that will build tomorrows future Creating awareness through Inspiring Community Connections on how important to take charge of your financial future.  Maryam is personally invested and committed to your success with providing weekly group meeting on financial growth, and tools.

“I partner with my clients and take the time to understand your personal and/or   business foundation. So, we can help move you forward faster.” 

Maryam’s educational background is in Customer Relations, Business Bookkeeping & Accounting, and a licensed producer in life & health.  She has been able to apply her unique skill set in various industries including: Entertainment, Government, Banking, and Internet & related technologies for over 25 years.  

“This is not a DIY model but instead a hands-on relationship.  Your success is our success, and I look forward in partnering with you.”


Maryam Martinez
Financial and Digital Services
Living a VIDA of Dreams  


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Maryam Martinez 

"Building our community with innovation that will change tomorrow's future".

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