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Simple Healings opened in 2006 with a focus in Reiki energy healing.  Working so closely and intimately with clients inspired Lynette to further her education in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis.  Today Lynette works closely with the energy systems containing stress and memory data.  These profound relaxation techniques will leave you rejuvenated, sometimes enlightened and always wanting more.  Be prepared to boost your health through relaxing in a whole different dimension.   
Fitness, nutrition, health plans, body scans, detoxification, massage therapy and more.

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Lynette Johnston
Simple Healings
Massage Therapy, Naturopathic Medical Nutrition 

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Lynette Johnston
Simple Healings 
In 1995 Lynette began her professional journey and began attending massage therapy school.  During this time she discovered she was due to deliver her first child and would spend each trimester with a daily massage. A Pregnant mothers dream! Prenatal massage easily became a favorite and would prove to be a stepping stone to a successful career in massage therapy.