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Lynda Tourloukis
Exploring the many modalities that make up the design for realizing human potential, Lynda's vast background as a Director of Leadership, Professional Business and Personal Development Coaching were only the beginning. She has been dubbed the Amused Muse as she brings a spirit of joy everywhere and The Soul Whisperer as her guidance offers insight with inspiration all with simplicity and ease.

She is one of the few US Certified  Master Trainers of Laughter Yoga and a Designer and Inventor of over 30 Games of Play designed for realizing and playing with human potential.   In all her work she touches upon the education and evolution of understanding and applying emotion in such a way that you feel good as you grow in understanding and begin to understand the vast nature and ability of emotion. She believes we were designed with joy in mind and with a shift of perspective in a playful and joyous way, we can all awaken our natural genius abilities. 

Lynda Tourloukis, DOF, QOC
The Amused Muse
Coaching Joy, Evolving Emotion &  Life Play for Human Potential Certified Laughter Trainings  •  Spiritual Retreats
Light Hearted Life Guidance • Keynotes  • Workshops


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About Laughter Yoga Life & Playful Pursuits
Life Discovery is everyone's opportunity to evolve and remember the natural essence of being human. Explorations into our Natural Genius are realized through playful pursuits that explore a new and unique understanding of the powerful role that Emotions play in our life with innovative adventures in developing our sensory capacities and integration of our intuitive essence in light hearted and appreciable ways through laughter, play and creative curiosities of imagination.

For the Individual, group or organization everyone can become more efficient, effective and resiliently aware of their potential as a human and apply this understanding in more profound and simple ways. 

 Inspiring Keynote Presentations •   Imaginative Workshops  •  Creative & Curiously Playful Coaching  •  Awakening Retreats