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Our goal at PuriTeam is to help you select the right filter for YOU and your needs.   One size does not fit all when it comes to filtration.  We work with you to make sure you purchase the correct water filter system for your situation. We have a no-pressure approach to sales. If you feel good about us and our products, you buy from us. It's that simple.
Since 1998, PuriTeam (formerly PuriTec) has served the needs of people who need serious water filtration.  Those who have municipal water, well water, and those that just want healthy, clean water have turned to PuriTeam to help them choose just the right filtration system for their needs.  They see the limitations of mass produced filters available at the mass retailers.  While the initial cost may be lower, the ongoing costs and quality of those products prompts them to search out a better solution.  They want a solution that will correct their water issues, providing them the most effective solution at a reasonable cost

Joy Parker
Pure Joy Filtration
​Puriteam Filtration ProductsI am the sole Managing Member of PureJoy Filtration, LLC dba As a Mother and a Grandmother I have a passion for helping others obtain the best filtration products available. With a Granddaugther who suffers from eczema I know first hand the affects the environment (especially chlorinated water) can have on a person with skin conditions and general skin sensitivity.