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Affiliate Program

Our Practitioner rooms are set up for success! 

Luminosity has suites available, our entire building has spaces to meet the business needs of any Health and Wellness professional. 

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Rental Program 

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Affiliate Membership Program

The Affiliate Program is the ideal solution for a growing business. It allows you to have affiliation with our center without a lease agreement and offers you the incentive a growing business can appreciate and benefit from. 

An office for mail delivery and place to hang your business license. 
​Ongoing seminars designed to help you start, grow or expand your business that includes, a monthly ‘Ice Cream So​cial,’ ​social media that is, blogging and more... 
​Health & Wellness Boutique offers consignment opportunity, subject to approval. 
​WWDBTV, Internet Television/Radio Studio, available to promote your business.
​Invitation to participate in advertising, marketing and promotional events. ​
Holistic/Drugless Practitioners and businesses for collaboration.
Access to meeting and event space, small fee may apply. ​Referrals, (a referral fee may apply).​
Listed in the website directory.
Membership privileges.
​Kitchen facility.                                                                                                             
Consider the following options:

​Tier 1 includes ALL the amenities listed above PLUS:
● 2 ninety-minut​e sessions​ ​per month in a private practitioner office with access to online booking                  $79.00 per month

Tier 2 includes Tier 1, PLUS:
● 2 additional ninety-min​ute sessions​ ​per month with access to online booking (4 sessions total) OR​ 2 workshops ​per month (3-4 hours each workshop)                                           ​$129.00 per month

Tier 3 includes Tier 2, PLUS:
● 4 additional ninety-​minute sessions​ ​per month (8 sessions total)                    ​                                                                 $249.00 per month

Tier 4 includes all of the ‘amenities’ listed above PLUS:                 ● 1 ‘full’ day​ ​per week                              ​$299.00 per month

 Additional Affiliate room rates available @ $80.00 per day or $30.00 per 90-minute session

(Includes all affiliate amenities and membership privileges)

MEMBERSHIP has its privileges:                  $29.00 ​per month
➢ FREE 30-minute Wellness Assessment

➢ FREE​ Admission to our monthly mixer “Spotlight on YOU”

➢ FREE​ ‘In-house’ workshops

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​We are your rental solution!
Luminosity Wellness Center, a wellspring for drugless practitioners and the holistic community at large! We help you project a professional image without breaking the budget, located right in the heart of the Northwest Medical District. (Smoke Ranch & Tenaya). We offer the following amenities: