We invite you to our health and wellness center, meet our holistic health practitioners  who believe that with the right natural healing tools and greater holistic health care awareness you are able to take control of your overall health. Take a tour and please inquire about our membership program. Luminosity is an educational model based on experiential learning.

Affiliate Program

​We are your rental solution!
Luminosity Wellness Center, a wellspring for drugless practitioners and the holistic community at large! We help you project a professional image without breaking the budget, located right in the heart of the Northwest Medical District. (Smoke Ranch & Tenaya). We offer the following amenities:

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 

  • ​An office for mail delivery and place to hang your business license.
  • ​Ongoing seminars designed to help you start, grow or expand your business that includes, a monthly ‘Ice Cream So​cial,’ ​social media that is, blogging and more...
  • ​Health & Wellness Boutique offers consignment opportunity, subject to approval.
  • ​WWDBTV, Internet Television/Radio Studio, available to promote your business.
  • ​Invitation to participate in advertising, marketing and promotional events. ​
  • Holistic/Drugless Practitioners and businesses for collaboration.
  • Access to meeting and event space, small fee may apply. ​Referrals, (a referral fee may apply).​
  • Listed in the website directory.
  • Membership privileges.
  • ​Kitchen facility.                                                                                                             
  • Consider the following options:
    • Tier 1 includes ALL the amenities listed above PLUS:
      ● 2 ninety-minut​e sessions​ ​per month in a private practitioner office with access to online booking                  $79.00 per month

      Tier 2 includes Tier 1, PLUS:
      ● 2 additional ninety-min​ute sessions​ ​per month with access to online booking (4 sessions total) OR​ 2 workshops ​per month (3-4 hours each workshop)                                           ​$129.00 per month

      Tier 3 includes Tier 2, PLUS:
      ● 4 additional ninety-​minute sessions​ ​per month (8 sessions total)                    ​                                                                 $249.00 per month

      Tier 4 includes all of the ‘amenities’ listed above PLUS:                 ● 1 ‘full’ day​ ​per week                              ​$299.00 per month

       Additional Affiliate room rates available @ $80.00 per day or $30.00 per 90-minute session

      (Includes all affiliate amenities and membership privileges)

      MEMBERSHIP has its privileges:                  $29.00 ​per month
      ➢ FREE 30-minute Wellness Assessment

      ➢ FREE​ Admission to our monthly mixer “Spotlight on YOU”

      ➢ FREE​ ‘In-house’ workshops

      Call TODAY to schedule a tour with Susie Owens
    • (702-721-9355 www.luminositywellnesscenter.com 

Reiki Circle

Every, THURSDAY at 6:30pm &

Every, SATURDAY at 1:00pm

Practitioners & Meeting Rooms Available
Daily and Hourly Rates


Free Hour of Laughter

Every, FRIDAY at 7:00pm-8:00pm

​Open to everyone!


Luminosity Health & Wellness Boutique  
Monday through Saturday  12:00pm-5:00pm
Visit our store!

Our Team

Ongoing Events

It’s important to us to be as clear about what we do as Holistic Professionals in our communities. This list details what we have available for you:

Meditations with Mary

MONDAY at 7:00pm- Feb. 6th and 20th

Mary is back please join us as we explore 2017

Special Events

Join us February 14th!

This is our special Fund Raiser to support Luminosity Wellness Center. This year we have high hopes, big plans and we need your help. All the Readers and people involved are volunteers and they offer their services/love to create a one of a kind Valentine experience. It is our mission to create and provide a memory that stays with you forever. Bring your lover, your best friend or a neighbor, for a fun and fabulous event. Tarot and Angel Card readings, Hand Analysis, Compatibility testing, are you allergic to your mate? Relationship reports, massages, energy treatments, love potions and more...

LOVE is in the air make sure you're there!!!
Where else can you have this kind of FUN? 

Buy Tickets Here:


Healing Mind, Body and Spirit Through The Art Of Crochet Project

Every, WEDNESDAY at 6:30pm 

Fit Mind, Fit Body
Saturday, Feb. 11th at 11:30am​-12:30pm

30 min High Intensity Interval Training Fitness class!

​and empowering Meditation.

Heal Yourself Inside Out,  BEMER Technology

Every, TUESDAY at 1:00pm-7:00pm

​Join us for a free demo! 

Heal Yourself with Endless Alternatives
​ Every, TUESDAY at 6:30pm


We are individual business practitioners working together as a collective of professionals to support you! Our Team is trained to assess, suggest and educate you each step of the way of your self-care journey.

If you do not know where to begin we will help you.

A Holistic Approach to Self-Care

Luminosity Wellness Center

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